Monday, May 2, 2011

Deadlines Are Suffocating Things

Oh, how I hate deadlines. And I have so many of them. 

2 Full MS to read...A partial MS read...An Outline to read...A 2nd Draft to Write... Cassie Clare's City of Fallen Angels to read...Blog posts to post...Blogs to read...Comments to type...(Let's not mention LIFE to live)

And all of this provokes the procrastinator in me like a child with a sharp stick pokes an earth worm. I wish I could split myself in two and regrow the other half of me...

Can you imagine--two of me. 

It would even the playing field of chasing two kids around. My husband would probably take vacation and never return. 

Four sets of eyes reading a manuscript would make the full reads fly by. My writing group would LOVE that. 

Two of me writing. Gah...scratch that idea. I'd kill me for sure. 

How do you people put up with me, the pushy bitch that I am?

Oh right, you hardly see me anymore. Sorry for that.  Just know I love you all. I read your blogs even if I don't comment. Really I do. I have most of them loaded into the blog app I have on my phone. 

Face to phone walking through the mall. Yes, you all are the cause of my bruised shins. But I still love each and everyone of you. :)

But the deadlines are still suffocating. They come in many forms.

Elena Solodow's novel is the noose I am loosening as I type this. She's been very patient, as I have been on hiatus from everything reading/writing related. My month long slackfest is over and I am nearly done reading her novel, thus the ability to breathe again. 

Justin Parente's outline is on my plate, keeping Elena's novel company until I am finished with it. A good friend, Joe is awaiting my notes on his partial MS. Also on my list is the second draft of Misty Waters' NaNo project. All are patient friends and are probably so happy my slackfest has come to a close.  

But the suffocation doesn't end as May comes in like a plastic bag around my head. For in May I have big plans. Draft Two of my NaNo project will be finished BEFORE the end of the month.

Yeah, so now I am off to finish reading Elena's novel -- lovely piece of writing--and then to write. Anyone want to adopt a husband and two kids for May? Taking applications RIGHT NOW.

Happy Reading. Happier Writing. 




Josh Hoyt said...

I'll take the kids but not the husband :)

Michael Di Gesu said...

Boy that was a mouthful....

I'm reading Elena's novel too. It's fantastic but time consuming. I need to get it finished soon. The A-Z challenge took up most of my time. My posts averaged four hours a day.

I hope you got to read some of them. I missed you! BTW I love the new pic of you ... SEXY!

Michael Di Gesu said...
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Misty Waters said...

Good God, now I feel like a bad, bad friend adding to your list of to do's. :( *sigh*

Stephanie said...

I love kids, I'll take them :) I have four running around my house, so they'll blend right in.

Donna Hole said...

I'd rather be reading/critiquing/writing than raising kids. Or husbands. Unless the hubby cooks - then it might be worth it.

Wow, you do have a lot on your plate. How about I drink a toast to you, then get a good nights sleep and say it belonged to you :)

Good luck keeping up with it all Jodi.


Scott Niven said...

Congrats on passing 500 followers on Twitter. Now go for 500 on your blog! :-)

lexcade said...

Deadlines suck. Sounds like you have quite a bit on your plate, but you can do it.

*Slightly envious that you're reading Elana's MS btw lol*