Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sex, Drugs--wait, stop there I need a title.

I am working my way through my 60% rewrite of light, but I am also giving the title an over haul.

So rewrite update:

I’ve written 7K of new material and transferred w/ revisions 2K from Light v1 into Light v2 for a total of ~11K words thus far. Not so bad for taking almost—almost—a whole week off for vacation last week.

Oh, yes Arizona was nice, sunny and hot, but the weather practically killed my writing flow. Just sayin. Rainy Washington suites my creativity much, much better.

On to titles:

In Light v2, Jax personal nemesis is his addiction to cocaine. It’s the thing that kicks him when he’s winning but (for reasons unnamed here) he must keep doing it. Without it, accomplishing his goals would be impossible. Tease. Tease.

The title of the book was always meant to be the name of the particular blend of coke Jax uses. In Light, not all coke is created equal. Tease. Sorry, I’ll stop teasing you with tidbits.

Now, I’ve done research on the names people give illegal substances and, for the most part, they are highly suggestive and very indicative of the high one will experience when using them.

Cocaine names are a little different. There are quite a few slang terms that are Female and hardly any that are Male.

You can imagine the convos with friends this brought up. I will spare you the funny, or you can follow me on twitter where I totally tweeted the funny.

Some of the titles I threw around follow and ultimately decided against are:

Blow Me
Heaven’s Rush
Pink Champagne
Red Rush
White Lady
Pink Lady
Paradise Falling
Falling Pink
Pink Salvation
Pink Heaven

Those are catchy, and they all have a slang name of cocaine in them. Some have pink, the color of the coke in Light. And there’s Blow Me, the drug as named by the dealer in the book. They all are indicative of the ‘reason’ Jax has to keep doing them, of the high, but I don’t think they are ‘street drug’ worthy, if that makes sense.

So the new title which shall remain so until, well, an agent gets their hands on the manuscript and wants it changed is…

And I’ve signed this in blood…

I think we need drums…

Drum roll…

Paradise Pink

Tell me what ya think. Like it? Hate it? Too girly for a male pov dark urban fantasy book?

Really, be honest, you won’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

Happy Reading. Happier Writing.



Stephanie M. Lorée said...

I still think BLOW ME is hilarious. But PARADISE PINK is a winner in my book.

Justin W. Parente said...

Yes, yes, yes! I also approve. It's both sensual in sound, knowing what I know about your characters other hobbies, but out overall defines the story, especially with Jax's new enemy.

Jodi Henry said...

Thanks guys! Glad you like it, since, ya know you will have to call it that too.


Elliot Grace said...

...hard to pass up on BLOW ME. No, seriously, all smirks aside...consider how people would yank that book off the shelf, curiosity treating them like a bee sting on their bottom, just aching to know what this sexually driven story is all about. That's a lotta hands all over your goods...wait, that sounded wrong, but you know what I mean:) In any sense, the title you've settled on is a winner. Congrats!


Jodi Henry said...

EL--haha, that was Miss Steph's (yes the above and my wonderful CP) argument for BLOW ME. Curiosity, plain and simple. People will pick it up just for the title.

Google: Nymphos of Rocky Flats and see what ya get. (it is a book)

Mike said...

Yeah... Pink... Call me old fashioned but Paradise Pink would work for a novel featuring a gay Protagonist. If the protagonist is male and straight Heaven's Rush and Blow Me or even White Lady.