Friday, January 11, 2013

Sacrifice, It's What We Do.

You see it on faces, in wrinkles
And many other places
There's a list of the Doing
We Should Bes
Enough to fill yours
mine, his and hers
To a hundred, 
Plus a third
Though, it's never free
All too willing, are we to pay the fee,
To a thing that will not be owned
Time is not for us alone.
Jodi Henry

To be a writer we sacrifice, because there is not enough time in the day to accomplish everything we must in order to be successful. But there are ways. So many before us have proved it can be done, and so many prove it every day that it still is being done.

I've recently lost a great majority of my day to sitting in classrooms listening to a professor drone on about something totally and annoyingly not related to genre fiction, of which I write. So I've taken steps! I've put my foot down!

I'm writing pieces of my novel by hand.

This is seriously archaic, and I have no idea how anything got published before the advent of typewriters and computers, but it has it's benefits, though they are brief.

It makes you Think about every word you put on the page.

I strike through more than I write, and for the simple fact that my brain moves faster than my hand. I find myself changing the direction of a sentence mid-sentence, and I've already written the beginning. STRIKE STRIKE STRKE this is where I would simply hit the delete, or highlight the whole thing and just start typing over again. But by hand *shudders* this isn't possible.

So I think. I think about what I really want to say, and the words I'll use to say it. And the results are crazy. I might not have to edit so much after it's typed into the manuscript because I've already done so much editing in my head before the pieces ever touched the page. 

Happy Reading. Happier Writing...hopefully not by hand.





Michael Di Gesu said...

Hi, Jodi,

Interesting .... I don't know If I could EVER write by hand. It has been YEARS. When I take notes for seminars my hand cramps up and my once beautiful script looks like a foreign language. Arthritis can do this to you.... Bummer.

I used to LOVE to write hand written letters. My calligraphic penmanship looked so cool on real parchment paper. Those were the days.

Now I type, and type so more. I am SO comfortable with this, I don;t even think I could write that way any more. I admire your tenacity and accomplishment!!!!

Keep up the good work... it is MOST impressive.

Tara Grover Smith said...

I find that writing by hand and typing are totally different processes for me. I use them both regularly.