Sunday, January 2, 2011

There’s Something Missing.

Okay, so I’ve been missing from blogland for about two weeks.
Sorry for my impromptu disappearance, but I’m back now.
Most of you probably thought: shopping, family, zillions of too sweet cookies, holiday parties, decorating…
And I thank you for thinking that highly of me, but it wasn’t really any of those things.
Sure for a few days it was all about family, way too much wrapping paper, cooking dinner for sixteen people, drinking pineapple martinis to keep my sanity, cleaning up cookie crumbs left behind by my children’s great-grandparents, saving bows for my mother-in-law, wrangling a three year old with way to much energy for his mother (and thirteen other people old enough to wrangle him), trying like hell to get a fifteen year old to participate in anything that required him to put his iPod down (with little luck, might I add) but the majority of the time I spent with my one and only true love.
My husband already knows of my two week long love affair, he um…paid for it.
It was all a ploy, of course, to pry my fingers off the keyboard and steal me away from the voices in my head.
Twenty-two forty five minute episodes of Vampire Diaries quieted the voices and I only touched my computer to critique the latest file share from my writing group.
But Damon Salvatore can only sate one girls every thought for so long…
Okay maybe just a minute longer, I mean look at the guy. So it isn't just his hawtness, that does it, tho. Ya gotta watch the show to get the 360 view of Damon. He is the 'old time' vampire who's void of emotion (or so he thinks) and drinks girls for lunch because well, he's a fucking vampire and that's what they do.
Sorry Edward Cullen. Sorry Stefan Salvatore. You two are pansies.
Okay done with all that...
And now there’s something missing.
The voices in my head haven’t come back.
I’ve sat down to write for the past four days, and
Not a peep in my head, a word on the page, not even enough to help me edit…
I thought it might just be Jax from Light that was on vacation so I tried to work on all three of the other outlines I have for books waiting to be written and still
In all honesty, I’m worried.
Since I started writing my head as never been this

Is anyone else out there feeling like this right now?

Happy Reading. Happier trying to Write.


Elliot Grace said...

...your addiction with the undead is raising gooseflesh upon my brow. No worries, from my journey through Blogland, you're far from alone:)
Perhaps you should read "Let Me In," by John Ajvide Lindqvist. Not your typical vamp saga, but interesting nonetheless.

Hoping your Holidays were spent without bloodshed, and all was well:) (and get that ipod outta your kid's ear! Throw a damn book in his lap already!)


Dominic de Mattos said...

Well, we missed you, but I'm glad your absence was for the best of reasons! You need time for a certain alright looking haemophile to leach out of the system before your longer term residents come back to stay!

Happy New Year!

Jodi Henry said...

Elliot- the fifteen year old iPod obsessed kid wasn't mine...I have a three y/o and a 6m/o and both of them read (well, I read to them.) No iPods yet.

Dom-'alright looking haemophile' LOL! Seriously, funny.

gideon 86 said...


Of all the people i've met in blogland, you are one of the most determined. Your voices will return... they are just on vacation for the moment.

At one point I was down to only writing a few hundred words a day on my new ms now I averaging 2300. I need to keep this pace to finish. I am on my own NaNo type schedule. I want to enter ABNA with it so I need to finish.

I'm really glad you liked my excerpt. This ms is really taking on a life of it's own. Violence, abuse, psychotic behavior is all part of this. I am a fantasy writer.... not any more. So you see your muse will surface again ... perhaps in a different form.

All the best in the coming year. I expect great things from all of us...


Raquel Byrnes said...

I like to think of these "down" times and a chance for stories to percolate in my noggin. Just let things bubble to the surface on their'll be writing again in no time. =)
Edge of Your Seat Romance

Clarissa Draper said...

I've been that way before (although now, the voices aren't shutting up). I wouldn't force it. Just tell the voices you're not listening and go for a walk and enjoy a cup of coffee. Read your favorite book and watch your favorite movie. Eventually, the characters come home.


Rachael Harrie said...

LOL, I hope your voices return (*chortles*)

Happy New Year.


Dan said...

About a month ago, I watched all four seasons - about 70 episodes - of Battlestar Galactica in about eight days worth of days off. For a week after, all I could think about was the show. I even dreamt about it. Writing wasn't even an option. Don't know if that's the voices are gone, but if it is, they'll come back.

BTW thanks for the comment on my marathon sentence.