Friday, December 3, 2010

Write MG or YA? You Don't Want To Miss This.

I wasn’t going to blog today.
Really I wasn’t.
But once again greatness came my way and I just couldn’t pass it up.
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On to the greatness...
Rachel Harrie @ Rach Writes, always posts Twitter Tip Thursday. I don’t twitter so this is a great way to see what’s going on and who’s saying what in the land of Twitter. In the past, I have found a few useful places, blogs and agency sites to gobble up my free time, but TODAY I may have found the JACKPOT of JACKPOTS.
If you are a Picture Book, Middle Grade, or Young Adult author, you DO. NOT. WANT. TO. MISS. THIS.
Literary Rambles—Casey McCorminck hosts the site and it is WONDERFUL. She has seriously put some time and effort into researching everything about the business of PG, MG and YA agents.
And her blog is very, I mean, VERY organized. LIKE beyond belief organized.  Click and go. She links you to everything to do with any agent she spotlights.
She spotlights Agents and from the upcoming ones listed, it looks like four or more a month.  She lists the agents sites, blogs, looking for, sub guidelines (*and notes to check yourself), interviews with each agent and everything.
She does interviews with industry people (CA Marshall is featured). She has a running list of Agencies, Agent and Editor blogs and even a list of her top commenters. HOW GREAT IS THAT?
I write YA, but mostly Adult fantasy, but still find site USEFUL, really.
Why are you reading me ranting about the site, go check it out.
And then come back and tell me how much you loved it.
Cuz you will.
Trust me.
Happy Reading –a great site. Happier Writing.


Demitria said...

Her blog is pretty awesome...but my agent isn't on there! Not yet, anyway.

Jodi Henry said...

Demitria-I went to your blog, and wanted to leave a comment, but can't. Thanks for stopping by.

Patricia A. Timms said...

This was AWESOME! And my current favorite is definitely on the list, Kathleen Ortiz. I won't be querying again until early next year but when I do this is going to come in handy, thank you.

Also, I really liked your comment on Quinn's post during the girl poll. I'm with you on that. I'm not sure why women have a hard time polling about women.

gideon 86 said...

Great info!

Thanks Jodi for that great piece of information... I will definitely follow her....

Thanks again for the award. I will do the whole thing when I get back. I also want to thank you properly...


C.A. Marshall said...

I agree, Casey is freaking amazing! It was an honor to be interviewed by her.

Thanks for mentioning me too! <3


Rachael Harrie said...

Hey Jodi, thanks heaps for the shout-out, so glad you find my Twitter Tips useful :)

Casey's site is fantastic isn't it. She's done so much work, and those agent interviews are a godsend!


Quinn said...

I love coming to someone else's post and seeing that I've been mentioned (in this case in Patricia's comment). Makes me happy.

Anyway, I love Literary Rambles. I've been following her for a while and it's definitely an amazing site.

Don't know how I missed this post yesterday. Sorry.

Dayana Stockdale said...

Holy cow that blog is awesome! Thanks for the know :)