Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Alien Named NaNo

There’s this alien in my head, and he only shows up in November. His name is NaNo. He eats creativity for every meal and likes to spew words after each consumption. He is a cute little thing, but very infectious. Me thinks, there might be one or two more of these little guys out there—maybe even in your head.
My alien wakes me up at five am because he won’t stop yammering. Worse than a kid, I tell you.
But at least he’s encouraging. He tells me things like:
“Everyone’s asleep (meaning my husband, my three year old and my four month old). You should get up and write. You’ll get an hour in without interruption. You’re going to write this great scene today, where your MC (Jax) finds an angel in his apartment. But she’s dying and her wings have been cut off. Not only that, but her wings are nowhere to be seen and neither is the MC’s girlfriend because the MC’s drug deal kidnaps her.”
There’s no sleeping after hearing THAT!
So my laptop got some love this morning at five am. The keys thanked me for every stroke. Lets see how long they’ll love me back for today. Cuz my little alien is now thinking it’s time for my MC to get mad and do something about the dying angel and his kidnapped girlfriend. (hm… like maybe kick his drug habit and pull his head out of the self-loathing funk he started the novel in.)
Okay, NaNo, I hear you talking. I will write.
What did your NaNo vomit up today?
Happy NaNoing,


JEFritz said...

What did my NaNo vomit up? Something that will make me smack my forehead in a month.

And now, back to writing...

Renee Silvana said...

Your NaNo vomits creativity? Mine eats it all, and doesn't share. Hence my late start...

Donna Hole said...

Hey that NaNo alien is pretty useful. Sounds like an awesome story. I'm ready to read on, so you better get to writing.

I'm not participating in NaNo - I think my muse escapted to the Bahama's for a year or so.

Good luck; seems like you're off to a rockin good start.


Misty Waters said...

LOL, LOVE it. I do, I sooo do. 9 year old and 2 month old for me! My hubby has spent the day asking me how the monitor can come unglued from my face b/c I take my laptop everywhere. I was doing a computer install today with someone dialed in to transfer files and I wrote while I waited. (I'm carrying a big purse specifically to carry this thing around, too. Sad.) UMMMMM, must have pages, cuz I fell INSTANTLY IN LOVE WITH YOUR CHAPTER 2 PAGE! Sooo good. Like I paused Grey's Anatomy to finish reading it. I don't do that lightly. (Oh, and the 9 yr old - Jackson/Jax for short:) says to me tonight, page 27? That's not a lot. You were just on 22. So the drama continues.)